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Telephone Cords

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Handset Cords and Line Cords

Cablesys (CBS) offers a wide selection of handset cords and line cords for any standard telephone, or business telephone system; such as PBX, Keyed, Hybrid, and VoIP systems. Telephone system resellers prefer Cablesys’ phone cords because we have built many technical details into them.

Handset cords commonly get knots or twists from years of use. As a result, you may not get the same level of sound quality in your calls. We use stranded tinsel ribbon conductors to provide maximum flexibility and increased elastic memory.

Static or noise is another common issue due to poor conductivity. The contacts on our handset cords are plated with 50 micro inches of gold over 100 microinch nickel plating. We use 99% pure 24-carat gold. The quality of materials provides maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Every time you unplug a cord, gold will wear off on the contacts. As a result, the quality of the signal starts to degrade. Our handset cords and line cords (26 AWG) can be connected and disconnected up to 550 times before the gold starts to wear off.

Whether you are reselling or purchasing a new or a reconditioned phone system, always insist on Cablesys handset and line cords. Browse our wide selection of colors and lengths.