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6P6C Connector Plug Telephone Line Cord for Landline Telephone

$1.09 - $4.29
Minimum Purchase:
10 units

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$1.09 - $4.29


Cablesys, CBS, offers quality and reliable phone line cords in 6 position and 6 conductor used for phone system installations in the telecommunication industry. In addition to exceeding UL listed requirements, each phone cord is manufactured with the highest workmanship to prevent failure and ensure success. Cablesys telephone line cords are assembled with 26 or 28 American Wire Gauge (AWG). The telephone cable is made with a flexible polypropylene insulation. The jacket is made with a flat flame retardant polyvinyl chloride and comes in silver satin. The modular plug is made with clear polycarbonate UL94V and is molded with CBS logo. The contacts within the plug are plated with gold which are resistant to corrosion. Each phone line cord is tested before shipment in order to ensure optimal functionality and provide the best results. For up to 3 years, all Cablesys phone cords are guaranteed defect-free based on material and workmanship.

 Cablesys phone line cords are provided in a retail-ready quality package. CBS handset cords are individually bagged for protection and sustainability against moisture and dust. The packaging is thick and durable to prevent product damage. Its perforated edge simplifies package opening, eliminating the need for a knife or scissors to remove the cord from the container. Each package includes a UPC bar code label to provide a faster, effective and efficient system for inventory retail sales management, as well increased retail sale capabilities. The package features a reverse “T” hanging hole at the top for easy usage in retail displays. The Cablesys and cUL US Listed logos are marked prominently on the packaging.

Minimum Purchase: This product is sold with a 10 unit minimum for contractors/installers only. Looking to order less than 10 units? Many of our resellers do sell individual units on their websites or through Use Cablesys part numbers to search for them online.

Extra Information

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Feature 1:
Cablesys offers telephone line cords designed to interconnect with standard telephones and business telephone systems; such as PBX, Keyed, Hybrid, and VoIP systems.
Feature 2:
These cords are ideal for multi-line office telephone systems, dumb-terminal installations and other serial or parallel applications with low data rate requirements.
Feature 3:
Manufactured with 26 and 28 American Wire Gauge (AWG) stranded conductors.
Feature 4:
Available from seven to fifty feet in length to better accommodate equipment located farther away from the phone jack.
Feature 5:
6P6C RJ12 modular plug configuration.

Warranty Information

3-Year Limited Product Warranty