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Multimode Patch Cables

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Cablesys (CBS) offers a variety of multimode fiber patch cables with connector types that range from LC, SC, and ST, to MPO and MTP. CBS provides plenum rated and riser rated fiber patch cords suitable for high-speed bandwidths, including OM1 patch cable 62.5/125, OM2 cord 50/125, OM3 patch cord 50/125, and OM4 50/125, which are optimal for Gigabit Ethernet and 10G network applications. Boot styles are available in standard, duplex, and uniboot,and fiber cables come in aqua or orange. Multi mode LC LC fiber optic patch cables have a larger diameter glass core than single-mode cables and are typically used for shorter distances. Multi-mode cables send multiple light signals, whereas, single mode cable send one signal, this allows multitude assemblies to operate from less expensive light sources. They are 50/125µ. Common connectors are ST, LC, SC and FC. Our 50/125µ fiber cables can support gigabit ethernet up to 550 meters.