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MTP to MTP Fiber Cable 100 Gb Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cord (OM3) 24 Core Fibers Type B 1 to 13 wiring OFNP Plenum Rated for QSFP+Transceivers MTP Compatible, Aqua Cable

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$120.22 - $292.55


Cablesys manufacturers data center grade fiber optic MTP® patch cords. The 50 micron MTP fiber optic patch cable is constructed with Corning® Clearcurve® OM3 glass. Multimode fiber optic cable comes with 100G Base-SR10 24-fiber configuration for direct equipment to equipment connection to support laser optimized multimode fiber LOMMF and high speed 10G, 40G, and 100G cabling networks. The high density 24 fiber cable is OM3 50/125 with a 3.0mm diameter. These OM3 fiber jumper cables have a configuration of 50 125. The aqua jacket material is optical fiber nonconductive plenum OFNP and is colored aqua for 100Gb networking. The MTP-MTP fiber optical cord is assembled with MTP female connectors. The MTP connector uses a spring loaded sliding mechanism allowing the fiber patch cord to latch onto adapters providing a secure and reliable connection for network cabling in data center environments, colocation facilities, server farms, cloud storage networks, and telecommunication rooms. Each assembly is 100% factory tested to meet Bellcore GR-326 and TIA standard with maximum insertion loss at less than 0.75dB, 0.5dB is typical. Operating temperature is between -40C to +70C. Minimum bend radius for these fiber optic patch cables is 1.18 inch. Cablesys MTP fiber jumpers are RoHS compliant and comply with IEEE 802.3, IEC-61754-7 and TIA-604-5 type MPO standards. Each fiber optic jumper cable is factory built and tested. MTP connectors are compatible with MPO adapter panels and cassettes.

MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd. ClearCurve® is a registered trademark of Corning®.

Extra Information

Fiber Count:
Cable Rating:
Plenum Rated OFNP
Cable Diameter:
3.0 mm
Country of Origin:
Feature 1:
Cablesys MTP patch cable, also known as MTP patch cord, supports 24 fibers, Type B polarity (channel 3 to channel 15), and comes in a female version, without guide pins
Feature 2:
The MTP patch cable is designed to achieve higher speeds and density in the network, support long-range backbone cabling, and reduce cabling congestion by consolidating 24 OM3 multimode fiber strands into a single jacket
Feature 3:
Cablesys MTP cable is performance tested to exceed TIA industry standards with less than 0.75dB insertion loss, 0.5dB is typical
Feature 4:
Cablesys MTP cable is bend-insensitive, supporting a 1.18 inch minimum bend radius which helps reduce optical loss in tight bends
Feature 5:
The MTP-MTP patch cable is 100% factory terminated using high-performance machine polishing, 3D metrology testing to ensure a high-quality connector, and high-power scopes to eliminate contaminants

Warranty Information

3-Year Limited Product Warranty