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MPO to MPO Fiber Cable Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cord (OM1) 12 Core Fibers Type A 1 to 1 wiring OFNR Riser Rated for QSFP+Transceivers MTP Compatible, Orange Cable

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$55.84 - $184.27


Cablesys manufactures data center grade fiber optic MPO patch cords. The 62.5 micron MPO fiber optic patch cable is constructed with Corning® Infinicor 62.5 OM1 glass. MPO trunk multimode fiber optic cable comes with Type A, 1 to 1, straight through configuration for Method A cassette to cassette connection to support high-speed cabling networks at data rates up to 1 Gb/s. The high density 12 fiber cable is OM1 62.5/125 with a 3.0mm diameter. These OM1 fiber jumper cables have a configuration of 62.5 125. The jacket material is optical fiber nonconductive riser OFNR and is colored orange. The MPO-MPO fiber optical cord is assembled with MPO female connectors. The MPO connector uses a spring-loaded sliding mechanism allowing the fiber patch cord to latch onto adapters providing a secure and reliable connection for network cabling in enterprise data centers, backbone, colocation facilities, server farms, cloud storage networks, and telecommunication rooms. Each assembly is 100% factory tested to meet Bellcore GR-326 and TIA standard with maximum insertion loss of less than 0.35dB, 0.2dB is typical.

Extra Information

Fiber Count:
Cable Rating:
Riser Rated OFNR
Country of Origin:
Feature 1:
Cablesys MPO patch cable, also known as MPO patch cord, supports 12 fibers, Type A polarity (channel 1 to channel 1), and comes in a female version, without guide pins
Feature 2:
The MPO patch cable is designed to achieve higher speeds and density in the network, support long-range backbone cabling, and reduce cabling congestion by consolidating 12 OM1 multimode fiber strands into a single jacket
Feature 3:
Cablesys MPO cable is performance tested to exceed TIA industry standards with less than 0.35dB insertion loss, 0.2dB is typical
Feature 4:
Cablesys MPO cable supports a 1.2 inch minimum bend radius which helps reduce optical loss in tight bends
Feature 5:
The MPO-MPO patch cable is 100% factory terminated using high-performance machine polishing, 3D metrology testing to ensure a high-quality connector, and high-power scopes to eliminate contaminants

Warranty Information

3-Year Limited Product Warranty