Telephone Handset Cord

Coiled Telephone Handset Cord with RJ22 4P4C Plugs for Use with PBX Phone Systems, VoIP Telephones

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Cablesys offers quality and reliable handset cords used for phone system installations in the telecommunication industry. In addition to exceeding UL, cUL, and CSA testing requirements, as well as the FCC Part 68 industry standard, each phone cord is manufactured with materials and resources of the highest quality to prevent failure and ensure success. Cablesys handset cords are assembled with 32 American Wire Gauge, AWG, stranded tinsel ribbon conductors to provide maximum flexibility and increased elastic memory. The cable is made with a flexible polypropylene insulation. The jacket is made with a flat flame retardant polyvinyl chloride and comes in a variety of colors including ash AI, ash AN, beige, cherry red, dark ash, metal gray, dolphin gray, flat black, glossy black, ivory, light ash, light gray, dim gray, misty cream, off white, pearl gray, vodavi gray, and white. The modular plug is made with clear polycarbonate UL94V and is molded with Cablesys logo. The contacts within the plug are plated with 50 micro inches of gold which are resistant to corrosion. Cablesys coiled phone cords are available in lengths of 6 feet, 12 feet, and 25 feet from tip-to-tip. The cord extension lead comes in 1.5 inches, 4 inches, and 9 inches to accommodate different phone styles. Each handset cord is tested before shipment in order to ensure optimal functionality and provide the best results. For up to 3 years, all Cablesys phone cords are guaranteed defect-free based on material and workmanship.

Cablesys handset cords are provided in a retail ready quality package. Cablesys handset cords are individually wrapped for protection and sustainability against moisture and dust. The plastic enclosure provides double strength, durability, and thickness to prevent against unwanted product damage. Its perforated edge simplifies package opening, eliminating the need for a knife or scissor to remove the cord from the container. Each package includes a UPC bar code label to provide a faster, effective and efficient system for inventory retail sales management, as well increased retail sale capabilities. The package features a reverse “T” hanging hole at the top for easy usage in retail displays. The Cablesys and cUL US Listed logos are marked prominently on the packaging.

Cablesys handset cords are available in bulk packaging. Ten (10) cords are bundled together to prevent tangling and make it easier to count. A total of 200 pieces are placed in a double strength bag and then packaged in a durable carton for protection during shipping. Bulk packs help reduce packaging waste and lower the cost per unit.

Product SKU Product UPC
GCHA444006-FAN 677142042641
GCHA444012-FAN 677142042849
GCHA444025-FAN 677142043044
GCHA444006-FAN4 677142042658
GCHA444025-FAN4 677142043051
GCHA444006-FAI 677142042634
GCHA444025-FAI 677142043037
GCHA444006-FBK 677142042672
GCHA444012-FBK 677142042870
GCHA444012-BBK 677142173338
GCHA444025-FBK 677142043075
GCHA444006-FBK4 677142042689
GCHA444012-FBK4 677142042887
GCHA444012-BBK4 677142173321
GCHA444025-FBK4 677142043082
GCHA444006-FDG 677142042702
GCHA444012-FDG 677142042900
GCHA444012-BDG 677142173314
GCHA444025-FDG 677142043105
GCHA444006-FDG4 677142042719
GCHA444012-FDG4 677142042917
GCHA444012-BDG4 677142173307
GCHA444025-FDG4 677142043112
GCHA444006-FFB 677142042726
GCHA444012-FFB 677142042924
GCHA444012-BFB 677142173291
GCHA444025-FFB 677142043129
GCHA444006-FFB4 677142104837
GCHA444012-FFB4 677142105032
GCHA444012-BFB4 677142173284
GCHA444025-FFB4 677142105247
GCHA444006-FMG 677142042795
GCHA444012-FMG 677142042993
GCHA444012-BMG 677142173277
GCHA444025-FMG 677142043174
GCHA444006-FMG4 677142104882
GCHA444012-FMG4 677142105094
GCHA444012-BMG4 677142173260
GCHA444025-FMG4 677142105315
GCHA444012-FMGN 677142108750
GCHA444025-FMGN 677142108767
GCHA444006-FAR 677142104776
GCHA444012-FAR 677142104974
GCHA444025-FAR 677142105186
GCHA444006-FGY 677142108613
GCHA444012-FGY 677142042955
GCHA444025-FGY 677142108644
GCHA444006-FGY4 677142108620
GCHA444012-FGY4 677142108637
GCHA444006-FIV 677142042757
GCHA444012-FIV 677142042962
GCHA444025-FIV 677142043143
GCHA444006-FLA 677142042764
GCHA444012-FBG 677142042863
GCHA444006-FLG 677142042771
GCHA444012-FLG 677142042979
GCHA444025-FLG 677142043167
GCHA444006-FMC 677142042788
GCHA444012-FMC 677142042986
GCHA444025-FMC 677142105292
GCHA444012-FMC4 677142105087
GCHA444006-FOW 677142042801
GCHA444012-FOW 677142043006
GCHA444025-FOW 677142043181
GCHA444006-FPG 677142042818
GCHA444012-FPG 677142043013
GCHA444025-FPG 677142043198
GCHA444012-FPG4 677142105117
GCHA444006-FVG 677142104912
GCHA444012-FVG 677142105124
GCHA444025-FVG 677142105346
GCHA444006-FWH 677142042825
GCHA444012-FWH 677142043020
GCHA444025-FWH 677142043204
GCHA444006-FCR 677142104813
GCHA444012-FCR 677142105018
GCHA444025-FCR 677142105223
GCHA444025-FLA 677142043150
GCHA444012-1BK 677142183450
GCHA444012-1FB 677142183467
GCHA444012-1AN 677142183474
GCHA444012-1AR 677142183481
GCHA444012-1CR 677142183498
GCHA444012-1DG 677142183504
GCHA444012-1GY 677142183511
GCHA444012-1IV 677142183528
GCHA444012-1LG 677142183535
GCHA444012-1MC 677142183542
GCHA444012-1MG 677142183559
GCHA444012-1PG 677142183566
GCHA444012-1WH 677142183573
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