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550Mhz CAT6 Bulk Cable with 24 AWG UTP Stranded Wires, Shrink Wrap, 1000 Feet


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Cablesys (CBS) manufactures data center grade Category 6 stranded cable for high performance network cabling systems.  We manufacture our CAT6 Ethernet network cable using stranded Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable.  The wires are 100% bare copper, as opposed to copper clad aluminum and measure at 24 American Wire Gauge (AWG).  The wires come in 4 pairs.  Each set of twisted paired wires are insulated and brightly colored to help identify the proper color code.

The conductor insulation is made of polyethylene, HD-PE, and the cable jacket, available in blue and white, is made of Polyvinyl Chloride, CM rated PVC for fire safety rating.  CBS stranded cable is designed for building custom length patch cables in the field.  Stranded CAT6 bulk cable can be cut to a specific length to eliminate cable slack and meet patching installation requirements.  Custom patch cable assemblies are ideal in patching network equipment from patch panels to network switches and routers.

1000 feet of CAT6 cable is coiled using a unique method of winding to prevent twists, tangles, and snags.  The cables are then stretch-wrapped to prevent them from becoming loose. CBS CAT6 stranded cables are finally packaged into a tough carton to protect the cable from being damaged during shipping.

CAT6 stranded bulk cables has data transmission of 550MHz.  They have been tested to exceed TIA 568-C.2 Category 6 industry performance standard and are UL and ETL rated, which require pure copper in communication cables.  Cablesys offers a 15-year performance warranty on Category 6 bulk cables.

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