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CAT3 Telco Cables with 50 Pin Male to Male Telco Connectors

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Cablesys (CBS) Telco cable, also known as Amphenol® cable, is widely used for multiple data and voice lines in applications such as telephone, PBX, IP phone systems and LANs. A male to male 90 degree telco connector is terminated on the ends to connect to related products, such as a telco patch panel or pre-terminated 66 wiring block. These cables can also be used to bridge telephone based switch boards and equipment requiring a Centronics 50 (CN50) type Amphenol® connector.* CBS RJ21 telco connectors are built with Insulation Displacing Connectors (IDC). Using IDC is the preferred method for terminating 25 pairs of wires onto 25 pairs of polarized pins, 50 pins total, of the telco 90-degree connector. The terminals of the IDC have spring properties that hold the wires in a stable mechanical condition. For maximum data transmission, the contacts are made using high strength copper alloy and then plated with 30 micro inches of gold over nickel. The RJ21 connector uses screws to anchor into place instead of bail locks. A 90 degree telco connector is used for gateway connection. The jacket of the 25 pair Amphenol® telco cable is gray and made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The jacket is UL CMR riser rated and flame retardant which allows the cable to be used in vertical settings, such as cable runs between floors through cable risers. The unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable is made with 24 American Wire Gauge (AWG) solid copper conductors and 25 pairs of stranded wires. CBS male/male telco cable is factory tested to exceed TIA-568-B Category 3 (CAT3) industry performance standards. Cablesys Telco trunk cable is made in the USA and is RoHS compliant to protect the environment. Telco cables are available in 5 feet (Part No. GCTARMM005 ), 10 feet (Part No. GCTARMM010 ), 15 feet (Part No. GCTARMM015 ), 25 feet (Part No. GCTARMM025 ), 50 feet (Part No. GCTARMM050 ), 75 feet (Part No. GCTARMM075 ), and 100 feet (Part No. GCTARMM100 ).

*Amphenol® is a trade name and trademark of Amphenol Corporation, and is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Cablesys or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. All rights reserved.


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