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Ethernet: A Manufacturer Installs Cablesys Pre-terminated Patch Panel System

Published by Cablesys on Jul 12th 2022

Ohio – IT personnel of an international polymer solution provider deployed eighteen Ethernet ports using Cablesys Category 6A (CAT 6A) Pre-terminated Patch Panel System. They needed to connect computer equipment to their network in an area with no data outlet. Cablesys help build the materials.

Cablesys built a CAT 6A shielded patch panel with three mobile outlet boxes. A mobile outlet box provides six Ethernet ports and is made with sturdy ABS plastic to withstand harsh environments. The process involved terminating 75 and 125-foot CAT 6A Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP) cables with CAT 6A FTP keystone connectors. Mobile boxes were installed to protect the connectors on one end. On the other end, bezels were applied to allow the connectors to snap into the patch panel. The cables were bundled and labeled to make routing and identification easy. All terminations were tested using a Fluke DSX8000 cable analyzer.

Once their personnel received the materials at the installation site, they screwed the patch panel onto a network rack, snapped in the connectivity, routed the cables, and laid the boxes down.

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