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How Are They Built?

1. Cut and Strip

Cable cutting and stripping machine

Measured to spec with ±0.10 inch tolerance

Jacket removal

Jacket is cut and removed without damaging conductors

2. Terminate to TIA® 568-B Specifications

Termination, conductors are untwisted to bare minimum

Conductors are untwisted to the bare minimum

Conductors are fully seated

Conductors fully seated, no camelback

3. Labeling

Port labeling

Self-laminated adhesive labels

Assembly labeling

Helps in identifying bundles

4. Bezel Assembly

Snap-in bezel assembly

Connectors are ordered in sequence

5. Test to TIA® Performance Standards

Port testing

Ports individually tested

Testing results

Guaranteed compliance and network performance

6. Packaging

Packing for pre-terminated patch panel cable assembly

Prevents products from damage during shipping