Ethernet+Fiber: An IT Company Installs Pre-terminated Patch Panels

Posted by Cablesys on Jan 10th 2022

Bakersfield, California – IT staff at an IT service company installed patch panels by themself using Cablesys’ Pre-terminated Patch Panel System. They installed two types of systems; Category 5e (CAT 5e) copper and 10G fiber optic. Cablesys helped by building the materials.

Cablesys built three 24-Port CAT 5e patch panels with 100-foot patch cords on the rear to connect to switches. Cablesys also built two 24-Fiber LC patch panels with 100-foot OM3 cables on the rear to connect between panels. Cablesys bundled and labeled the cords and cables to make routing and identification easy.

Installation was straightforward; they screwed bracket panels onto server racks, routed the cables, and patched in the connectivity. No on-site termination was required.

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Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Patch Panel System

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