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Ethernet: A Utility Company Installs Pre-terminated Patch Panels

Published by Cablesys on Sep 29th 2021

Reading, Pennsylvania – IT staff at a natural gas and electric utility needed to install a 10G Ethernet cabling system near heavy machinery. Heavy machinery typically emits harmful electromagnetic interference, which causes signal degradation. They chose Cablesys’ Shielded Pre-terminated Patch Panel System for the best protection.

Cablesys built two 24-Port CAT 6A modular patch panels. The connectivity consisted of CAT 6A keystone connectors with a die-cast metal housing. The connectors were pre-terminated with Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP) cables. The cables extended one hundred feet to connect the patch panels between separate server locations. The cables were bundled and labeled to simplify routing and identification. The patch panels were pre-tested to meet or exceed TIA® performance standards. All of the materials, including cable management panels, were packaged and shipped together.

Once the utility company received the materials, their IT staff screwed the panels onto server racks, routed the cables, and snapped in the connectivity.

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