Ethernet: Healthcare Facility Installs Pre-terminated Patch Panel System

Posted by Cablesys on Sep 19th 2018

A healthcare facility located in Massachusetts needed a quick way to connect several computers and network equipment to their servers. Unfortunately, there were no data outlets nearby and no time to hire a company to upgrade their system. The IT Director decided to do the work themselves and install Cablesys’ Pre-terminated Patch Panel System with mobile box.

The box offers a quick and reliable way to provide connectivity in an open environment. It’s made of tough ABS plastic, perfect to withstand harsh environments. Four boxes were built, each with six Category 6 (CAT6) data ports pre-terminated with 25 feet of CAT6 cable. The opposite end of the cable was built with a unique bezel. After screwing the bracket panels onto the server rack, the last thing their IT staff had to do was snap in the bezels and lay the boxes down.

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