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Ethernet: Cloud Computing Company Installs Cablesys DIY Patch Panel System

Published by Cablesys on Jun 29th 2018

Cablesys Pre-terminated Patch Panel - Bezel

A company specializing in business technology and cloud computing solutions based out of New York, chose to use Cablesys’ Pre-terminated Patch Panel Cabling System to increase the bandwidth connectivity within their data center. The project required adding 48 data ports that can support Gigabit Ethernet applications. Within a few minutes of receiving their shipment, the data center manager and staff were able to install two 24-Port patch panels connected with 25 feet of CAT6 cable. They chose Cablesys because the system is modular and easy to modify. A unique bezel is built onto both ends of the cables which allows them to be snapped into the patch panel. Bezels can then be removed and interchanged using a flat head screwdriver.