Decisions, decisions: OM3 vs OM4 Multimode Fiber

Posted by Cablesys on Jun 12th 2018

OM3 Versus OM4 Multimode Fiber There is a difference between OM3 and OM4 multimode fiber (MMF) optic cables. The ongoing evolution of technologies in servers and storage devices is pushing the need for increased data rates. As a result, fiber optic cables are evolving to stay ahead of the demand in bandwidth. This article will address the differences in speed, distance, physical characteristics, and price. Overview OM3 and OM4 fibers are laser-optimized with a 50/125 core, which are made t...
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Fiber: The Causes of Limitation on Optical Transmission Distance

Posted by Cablesys on May 14th 2018

The many advantages of fiber optic networking, such as higher speeds, bandwidth, and density, have made it the preferred standard over copper networking. Fiber optic cable can also broadcast/transmit at much further distances than traditional copper cables, such as coax or twisted pair wire, can. But, overall, the precise distance that fiber optic can broadcast/transmit over is restricted by various elements. One of the main complications with using fiber is transmission distance. Transm...
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Fiber: What are the Different Types of Fiber Optic Cables?

Posted by Cablesys on Apr 5th 2018

When there is a need to transfer big data, fiber optic cables are an optimal solution, whether it's installing a small network or setting up a data center for a high-capacity/high-volume networking. Finding the right cable can be challenging due to the different fiber optic cable types available. Understanding the purpose behind the different types can help in system performance. Here are examples of what the different types of fiber optic cables are.What Is Fiber Optic Cable? All fiber opt...
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Fiber Optic Systems: Market, Connectors, and Installment

Posted by Cablesys on Mar 14th 2018

Fiber optic connectors are designed for connecting and disconnecting optical fibers. They simplify the intricate process of installing fiber optic patch cables. Fiber connectors, known as the standard in the industry, are those that have been refined multiple times and over the course of many years. The essential connector types are ST, SC, LC, MPO, and MTP. These connectors come in various styles and have uses for multiple applications. This article will discuss the market for fiber opt...
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Fiber: Loss in Fiber Optic Performance

Posted by Cablesys on Feb 22nd 2018

The transmission of fiber optics has many benefits over other channels like copper or radio. Fiber optic connectivity is more ideal in comparison to copper because fiber optic is lighter and can transfer signals at higher speeds over an extended range. Nevertheless, fiber optic performance can still be affected by many factors. Before finalizing a fiber optic network, many potential problems must be addressed. Performance loss in fiber optics is usually a minor issue, but lately it has been...
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