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National Memorial Expands Network with Cablesys Pre-terminated Patch Panel System

Published by Cablesys on Mar 14th 2019

An educational and historical institution located in New York that honors the victims of 9/11 wanted to continue to expand the network cabling in their data center with Cablesys’ Pre-terminated Patch Panel System. They wanted to add another 48 fiber optic connections that were capable of supporting high-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth between two separate cabinets.

Using High-Density (HD) connectivity, the smallest footprint, Cablesys built Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Patch Panels for them. In addition, Cablesys pre-tested the panels to the IEEE 802.3ae 10GbE standard to ensure maximum performance.

Within two weeks, their IT staff received a kit containing cable assemblies with test reports, bracket panels, cable management panels, and screws. Each assembly measured 10 meters in length and consisted of twenty-four OM3 cables individually numbered, labeled and bundled together. Both ends of the assembly had a unique bezel terminated with a twenty-four LC ports. The only thing their IT staff had to do was screw the bracket panels into the server cabinets, route the cables, and snap the bezels into the panel.

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