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Ethernet: Cablesys Pre-terminated System Supports Hyper-reality VR

Published by Cablesys on Jan 25th 2019

A gaming and entertainment company located in Utah needed to add a 24-port patch panel to their network to support hyper-reality, virtual reality (VR) services. After learning about Cablesys’ Pre-terminated Patch Panel System, they decided not to hire a contractor and install the patch panel themselves.

Their technical staff needed the patch panel to interconnect to a switch, so they selected the bezel-to-patch cord model. To accommodate the tremendous amount of data VR gaming requires, they chose Category 6 (CAT6) performance which supports Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth.

Cablesys built four 25-foot-long cable assemblies. Each assembly was built with six RJ-45 ports on one end and six RJ-45 patch cords on the other end. Every cable was labeled numerically and every port was tested to meet the TIA CAT6 industry performance standard.

Once their staff received the shipment, they screwed the bracket panel into the server cabinet, snapped the bezels into the panel, routed the cables, and plugged the patch cords into the switch.

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