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Pre-terminated Fiber Optic LC Patch Panel, Bezel to Bezel (Bracket Panel Sold Separately)

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Please email for availability and pricing


Build a custom pre-terminated patch panel system in five easy steps:

1. Select Performance Rating

Consider the maximum operating distance to support active equipment or devices throughout the entire network.

Available Options:

  • 10G OM3

2. Select Cable Rating

Consider fire rating of material and airflow. Most data center environments can use riser-rated cable (OFNR). Use OFNR in vertical settings, such as cable running between floors through cable risers. Use plenum-rated cable (OFNP) in raised flooring systems, drop ceilings, and air handling ducts. Always consult with city or building authorities for the latest code before deciding the type of cable to use.

Available Options:

  • Riser rated OFNR

3. Select Fiber Count

Consider active equipment.

Available Options:

  • 12 Fibers (6 Duplex)
  • 24 Fibers (12 Duplex)

4. Select Length

Consider accessibility to active equipment and the layout of the room when measuring, then round up to the nearest meter.

Available Lengths:

  • 25 feet to 200 feet, in five foot increments

5. Order Bracket Panels and Cable Management Brackets (sold separately)

A bracket panel is required to mount the cabling onto the rack or cabinet. The panel has four ports to snap in bezels. If there are any unused ports, Cablesys offers a blank bezel to cover them. Cable management brackets help organize and secure cords and cables.

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Extra Information

Cable Rating:
Riser Rated OFNR
Termination Type:
Bezel to Bezel
Fiber Count:
Fiber Count:
Country of Origin:
United States

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