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How Pre-terminated Fiber Panels Are Built


Stripping fiber cable

Measured and stripped to spec with accuracy

Fiber patch cables terminated and epoxy cured

Epoxy cured with consistency


Fiber patch cables being polished
Fiber patch cables polish machine

24 fibers are machine polished at once to achieve precision geometry


End-face inspected with microscopic camera

End-face inspected for contaminants


3-D metrology testing for multimode fiber patch cords

3-D metrology tested measuring the orientation of the strain elements

>Insertion loss and return loss tester

Insertion loss and return loss tested

Bezel Assembly

Adapters being snapped into bezel

Adapters snapped into bezels, mounting clips reduce movement

Fiber patch cables installed in ordered sequence into the bezel

Pre-terminated and pre-tested patch cables are ordered in sequence


Fiber patch cables bundled

Durable cable bundling


Fiber patch cable being labeled

Self-laminated adhesive labels

Bundle label close-up

Helps in identifying cables and bundles

Final Testing

Final verification before shipping

Final verification before shipping


Fiber bezel wrapped in bubble wrap

Bezels bubble wrapped

Cable assembly twist tied

Twist tied cable assembly

Cable assembly bagged and labeled inside shipping box

Bagged, labeled, and boxed