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Ethernet+Fiber: An Oklahoma IT Company Installed Pre-terminated Patch Panels

Published by Cablesys on Jun 22nd 2021

Tulsa, Oklahoma – IT staff at a consulting and managed services company deployed 180 data drops using Cablesys’ Pre-terminated Patch Panel System.

Patch Panel to Switch

They needed to connect patch panels to Ethernet and optical network switches. Cablesys built Category 6 (CAT 6) patch panels with 25 and 50 foot patch cords terminated on the rear. Cablesys also built an LC fiber optic patch panel terminated with 130 foot LC OM3 OFNP patch cords.

Patch Panel to Patch Panel

Cablesys also built CAT 6 patch panels with 25 and 50 foot cable assemblies for connectivity between racks.

Every cable was bundled and labeled. All of the materials were packaged together with cable management panels.

The patch panels were pre-tested to TIA ® performance standards before shipping. Once the IT company received the materials, their staff screwed bracket and cable management panels onto racks, routed the cables, and snapped in the connectivity.

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