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Extended Bracket for Front and Rear Cable Management

$16.43 - $17.07

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$16.43 - $17.07


Cablesys' offers a cable management bracket designed to support the weight of bulk cable and patch cords to reduce the possibility of disconnection. The bracket is offered in various depths to support different cable types and applications. The cable management bracket can be mounted to the front or rear of an installation. It shares the same rack mount space with existing equipment, so there is no need to allocate additional rack space. Anchor points are positioned across the panel allowing cable ties and Velcro ties to secure cables. The bracket is made using 16 gauge steel that is black powder-coated to protect against wear, corrosion, impact, and weather.

Extra Information

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Feature 1:
This 19" cable manager mounts horizontally to 19" 2 or 4-post cable management racks and wall mount racks
Feature 2:
The bracket accommodates zero rack mount space by sharing the same rack space with existing mounted equipment
Feature 3:
The cable management bracket helps route cable where needed and reduce cable strain on network equipment ports
Feature 4:
Wide anchor points are positioned along the panel to accommodate cable ties and secure cable
Feature 5:
The cable management panel can be mounted to the front or rear of an installation to support patch cords and bulk cable

Warranty Information

3-Year Limited Product Warranty