Fiber Patch Panels

LC-MPO Patch Panel - Cassettes are Interchangeable

Cablesys (CBS) manufactures a variety of standard and high density fiber patch panels. Among the fiber optic patch panels in stock are 24-piece LC/LC quad panels and blank fiber patch panels, which work well with MPO cassettes and adapter panels. CBS maximizes cable output by designing a series of 1 RMU high density fiber panels. Fiber patch panels with LC connectors can fit up to 96 fibers, and panels with MPO connectivity can fit up to 576 fibers. There is no need for fiber cutting or terminating because these fiber optic panels simply plug and play into your 10G or 40G/100G network applications. 

Blank 4-Bezel Bracket Panel


Cablesys (CBS) 1U 19-inch wide blank bracket panel is designed to work with the following products: Pre-terminated patch panel system Plastic fiber optic cassettes The panel has four openings to snap in proprietary designed bezels and cassettes...

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