Fiber Adapter Panels

LC Quad Panels - Increases Density by 50%

Cablesys adapter panels are designed with push-and-pull fasteners that make them easy to install and remove. These fiber adapter panels fit inside LGX compatible rack and wall mount enclosures. LC quad adapters are optimal for high density port spacing while LC duplex adapters are suitable for standard port spacing, but Cablesys (CBS) also offers SC duplex and MPO adapter panels. Each fiber adapter panel provides system modularity to allow easy moves, additions and changes (MACs). Adapter panel styles vary, but CBS can build to your specifications. 

Blank Fiber Optic Adapter Panel


Cablesys offers a fiber optic blank adapter panel for fiber optic enclosures. The blank adapter panel is used to cover unused panel openings in LGX?« compatible fiber rack mount enclosures and fiber wall mount enclosures. It provides a neat and...

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